Softbank acquires Boston robot maker of Alphabet

It seems that Alphabet did not reach its goal in the field of Android decided to abandon its companies, as the Japanese giant Internet giant Softbank announced the acquisition of two companies, Boston Dynamics and Schaft belonging to the company Alphabet Holding.

Google had acquired Boston Dynamics four years ago, but since last year it began looking for an opportunity to sell it and Toyota was a willing company.

But logically, there is no better thing for Japanese people to get specialized companies in Android, which is characterized by advanced technologies and huge investments in this field, which robot volunteers to serve the human in the end.

According to the CEO of SoftBank, smart robots will be a major driver of the next phase of IT. Boston Dynamics will receive all the support from the new Japanese owner to continue their work and develop new robots in different uses to make life easier and safer.

Over the years we have known Boston Dynamics more and its robots that take the forms of animals and are used by military uses such as evacuation on battlefields or access to difficult places, and the company has published several videos of the latest robots as they run and move and climb the stairs, while Schaft was operating in silence and confidentiality, Hosted at the Tokyo University Laboratory before launching its first prototype in 2012 and a year after it was acquired by Google.




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