Microsoft launches its Face Swap application to exchange faces in Android

Microsoft’s Garage Project: We’ve always been amazed at the useful and useful applications from the Android system. New Applications The Face Swap application comes with a very entertaining and fun idea. It’s a face-to-face swap. This application comes with new technologies including Microsoft Face Recognition and Bing, Other smart algorithms.

As for the possibility of use first after installing and opening the application will be the main interface is the interface of the camera, of course, the application depends on the front camera “Silvi”, and after the capture you can simply search and choose between the images to put your face instead of the real face.

What really distinguishes the application is the power of combining it with the face and the body, and there are automatic color editing tools based on the color content of the picture, you can also change your hairstyle and improve the lighting conditions, as well as movement and tilt of the head can be modified easily and finally, the application may not be available But it is free to download and has no ads and in the coming days and weeks will certainly include a larger audience.

Download the Face Swap application from here.


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