The new update to the WhatsApp application comes with many great features

The WhatsApp application has updated the iOS version, and the update includes a number of new features that will not be available to Android users for a while. Although the WhatsApp management did not explain much of the details, an upgrade of the Android version is likely to be released, but ETA has not yet agreed.

One of the features of the new update is that you can now use one color of five color filters, and to use these filters you must shoot an image or choose a picture or video and scroll to select the filter you want.

Another important feature is for users who receive a lot of images on the app. The new version compiles all the images from the same sender in a row.

There is also a short reply icon, which will allow you to respond to messages faster; it will appear when you drag any message to the right.

All these new features are available in the version of WhatsApp 2.17.30, which has already been released on the Apple Store.




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