Google Tested Air Traffic Control System for Drones Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Google has successfully tested its Drones air-traffic control system through the official X-lab code.

The company said that the system has organized the movement of three unmanned aircraft while moving from a region to a second area, so as to prevent collisions or overlapping paths.

Google relies on its maps, Google Earth, and Street View, which provides 360-degree images of some cities and roads within. In addition, the company intends to rely on the Firebase platform for cloud storage to be the operator and the main nerve of the system, which intends to be able to later control the movement of aircraft of any number.

FAA seeks to regulate the process by granting licenses to aircraft owners. But the many planes in the sky need a complete system to organize them, which prompted them to cooperate with NASA space for this purpose to prevent aircraft from colliding with buildings or flying over prohibited places. This in turn prompted Google to start its own testing to develop a reliable system in some cities or in the USA and other countries.



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