Features are still missing from Apple smart devices after the detection of iOS 11

Apple added a wide range of features to iOS 11, which will reach all users in mid-September or early October.

But despite the new features, only a large range of features required did not reach the operating system of Apple smart devices. It is true that Apple has for the first time allocated many features to the iPad, but it is still not enough.

Multi-user has been one of the most prominent features expected by users of Apple smartphones, especially the iPad tablets. This feature is necessary when using the same device by more than one person inside the house. It can also be useful within companies to use the same machine by more than one employee.

Night mode is also a lost feature, which is why some applications have developed it on its own without waiting for Apple’s official support for this feature. A simple simulation of the same feature exists within Accessibility, a feature that contrasts colors, but is not the same quality and efficiency of night mode as other systems.

IPad users asked for mouse support as a way to control the interfaces and elements on the screen, turning the tablet into portable computers. In the new iPad Pro Apple announced the existence of an adapter to use the “USB”, but this adapter is fast charging and data transfer can not be used to access the mouse as an extension.

Through the sharing tool, Apple has made it possible to play some media or files over applications other than Apple’s virtual applications, but in general, IOS does not offer the ability to set applications like Safari and always use Chrome to open links. .

Multiplication of timers; more than one temporary creation at the same time as the possibility of creating more than one alarm is still a required feature. For example, when cooking, a user may want to set a temporary vegetable cooker and another to cook rice.

Finally, business people are waiting for the conference call feature to reach Facetime, a feature that rumors have suggested could be released on iOS 11, but the initial version does not show this feature yet.


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