Amazon cancels unlimited cloud storage package

New changes to Amazon’s cloud storage options at Amazon Drive so there is no option for unlimited storage space.

Now there are two packages of storage, the first at $ 11.99 for 100 GB and the other up to 1 TB for $ 60 and $ 60 for every additional terabyte. Previously Amazon would give you unlimited storage at $ 60 or $ 12 just if it were for pictures. Now there’s a 30-terabyte storage cap, which of course is a large area that will satisfy most users.

If you have subscribed to the unlimited storage, upon completion of the subscription you will be transferred to renew the new package at $ 60 per year. Therefore, it is best for you to stop the automatic renewal if you do not want to.

Prime customers always have special features where they can store photos without a maximum amount of space within their subscription, and if you want to try Amazon Drive there is 5 GB free for everyone.

It is no surprise that Amazon has canceled unlimited storage plans. The package was launched two years ago to compete with major companies such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The purpose of this package is to attract the user to put his files on the cloud, making it relatively difficult to move to competitors.

Microsoft has done the same thing by providing unlimited storage on its OneDrive service to Office 365 subscribers and a year later reduced it to 1TB.




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