Facebook announces a speech-to-text converter tool when streaming video directly

Facebook social network announced that live video clips will now receive a tool to convert speech to written texts, to help users with hearing difficulties.

Facebook seeks to increase accessibility within the social network and, after providing a tool that allows adding text below uploaded videos, now provides the same tool during live video streaming. You can also take advantage of a tool that automatically converts speech into written text during live broadcasts.

The company said the video viewing period on the Web had quadrupled in the past year. One in five clips on Facebook is broadcast live, and this reflects the importance of live broadcasts at the moment.

In addition to the text-to-speech converter, the company provides tools and algorithms for artificial intelligence that can analyze images and identify elements within them, to help visually impaired people to know everything that goes on inside the network.

Facebook provided a special page explaining the mechanism of attaching texts to the live broadcast, and how to take full advantage of the new tool.


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