Chrome 59 now brings material design to settings

The 59th version of the Chrome browser for computers has been released and offers a plug-in for several security holes and most importantly bring the design philosophy of Design to the settings screen.

When you open the settings in Chrome you will notice the new design so that there is a side screen where the main sections of the settings and by pressing on each of them appear their own settings in the rest of the screen.

There are activation buttons next to the options with the blue color that characterizes it and the upper blue bar as well. On the side screen there are the advanced settings with a small arrow that shows them completely when you press them.

In addition to bringing the Material Design to Chrome’s settings screen, there is a plug-in for about 30 security vulnerabilities that Google paid about $ 20,000 in bonuses to discover.

As usual, the update is automatically downloaded via Chrome or visit the Settings page, which will place its current design forever. Google has introduced Material Design in Chrome for the first time since version 52, but the settings page has remained in the old design so far.






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