WatchOS 4 adds a lot of features to Apple’s watch

At the WWDC 2017, Apple unveiled the new WatchOS 4 operating system for Apple smart watches, which comes with the new Siri Clock, which displays the information the user needs during the day.


In addition to the activity that helps you to do some exercises, you will enjoy a wonderful musical experience. This update comes with improvements and upgrades to the exercise application. It introduces the GymKit platform, which synchronizes between the clock and the devices so that all the data shown on the devices during the exercise On Apple Watch.

Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, said Apple’s watch is your ideal companion for a healthy life, and now with the new update of WatchOS 4, it’s smarter than ever before, which comes with apps and exercises, as well as a siri clock that delivers the information you need To-know, and this update also provides the ability to listen to music via the Apple watch with ease.

  • Intelligence

When you raise your wrist to see the clock, the information will automatically be updated based on things such as time, daily habits, and data sent by some applications such as activity, alarm, and breathing. , Calendar, maps and others.

The application of WatchOS 4 will help you complete your activity more frequently and maintain the greatest success, send out their own notifications telling them that they are about to achieve, and encourage them to follow the path to complete their workshops.

The whole music app has been redesigned, syncing your music collections with My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix, as well as the music you listen to most of the time. However, the Apple watch with AirPods is the perfect companion for your exercise. .

  • Fitness

The new exercise update identifies a range of random exercises during swimming, for example, as well as new movement algorithms and heart rate. For HIIT training, users who are trained to participate in a race competition, for example, can combine several Exercises to determine the amount of calories and the time taken.

Users who practice fitness equipment can synchronize and pair the Apple clock directly with devices such as walkers, algebraic machines, and home grades through the GymKit platform, so that all the data the devices can easily deliver to your watch, such as calories, mileage, and climbing floors , Gradient and cadence, and provide extremely accurate measurements.

  • Faces and Clock Belts

The Siri Clock comes with the new Toy Story theme that reminds you of your favorite Pixar characters such as Woody, Jesse and Buzz Laitier,

Apple has introduced new summer belts that give users the ability to express themselves, including sport belts, a classic yellow-light buckle, Nike sportswear, and a Pride-branded nylon belt with rainbow ribbons.

Payment from person to person with Apple Pay
Users of WatchOS can send and receive money with their friends easily, quickly and securely through Apple Pay, either in the messaging application or using Siri. The money the user receives goes to the user’s Apple Pay Cash account and can then make purchases using Apple Pay Within applications, they can also convert them to their bank accounts.

  • Price and availability

The WatchOS 4 update is available for free this fall for the Apple Watch watch associated with your iPhone 5s or the latest iOS 11, WatchKit is also available for iOS users. My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix require Apple Music subscription. Apple Pay Cash and Personal Payments will be available in the USA on iPhone SE and iPhone 5s and newer, iPad Pro, iPad 5 and newer iPad, iPad 2 and iPad mini 3.

The Apple Watch Series comes with an aluminum frame with a gold frame, gilded pink, silver or gray with a sport strap, starting at AED 1099. The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with an aluminum frame Gold, or gilt pink, silver or gray, or a black stainless steel frame with a set of belts, starting at AED 1499. Apple Watch Edition comes with a ceramic frame that starts at AED 4999 and is on Apple’s online store, Apple stores, some authorized distributors and telecommunications companies, and the Apple Watch Nike for AED 1499.

Apple Watch Sport belts are available today from Apple, and later this week will be available through Apple Stores, some authorized distributors and telecommunications companies in the United States, 35 other countries including the UAE and the cost of the sports belt is AED 199. The cost is AED 599.

The Pride Nylon Belt is available from today through the site and later this week will be available through Apple Stores in the United States and 35 other countries including the United Arab Emirates at a cost of AED 199.

Now there are several new colors from the Nike belt available through Apple, nike and some Nike stores this week will cost 199 AED.


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