Snapchat acquires a company that specializes in studying the impact of online advertising on purchases

Snap Inc, a developer of Snapchat, acquired Placed, a specialist in studying the impact of Internet advertising on purchasing decisions.

The company mainly develops techniques in which it tries to monitor the activity of the user after the display of an advertisement on the Internet, and this to see if the user went to the stores to buy the product that he watched while surfing the Internet.

Under the deal, the company’s 100 employees will join Snape to operate remotely, which will keep Placed on its headquarters as is, but its CEO will communicate directly with the operations manager at Snape.

According to Bloomberg, the deal was worth $ 125 million, but the two companies refused to comment on the authenticity of the deal or on the terms of the deal.

A spokesman for Snape said Placed would not stop dealing with its existing customers, including Facebook. It will not share customer data as well, so it will maintain complete confidentiality.



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