Learn about the new features of the iPad 10.5-inch WWDC

Apple today unveiled a 10.5-inch iPad and a 12.9-inch screen, featuring a state-of-the-art ProMotion display and the new performance of the new A10X Fusion processor. The iPad 10.5 comes with a very slim structure and a weight of less than 500 g. It helps users to innovate and productivity with the iOS 11 system to be released this fall.

Greg Goswick, vice president of product marketing at Apple, said the two new devices were the most powerful devices Apple had provided and offered a radical change in the tasks the user could do.

Screen with ProMotion technology

The iPad Pro comes with a ProMotion Retina with a refresh rate of up to 120hz to provide better scrolling and response, while giving the Apple stylus a greater flow rate of up to 20 ms, making it the best. ProMotion improves display quality and reduces power consumption, and automatically adjusts the refresh rate to fit content traffic.

The Retina screen offers a brighter display than any other Apple screen and has an anti-reflective layer that makes it easy to see content inside and out. In addition, True Tone automatically adjusts the white balance of the screen to fit the ambient light to give you a better and crisp image. The iPad also has a wide range of colors to display the image in cinematic quality.

Performance of A10X Fusion processor

The A10X Fusion processor helps deliver more powerful and faster performance than most newly-released laptops, helping to perform complex tasks as easily as playing games and editing 4K video. The 6-core processor and 12-core graphics processor give you up to 30% faster performance and graphics performance up to 40% faster than the A9X, plus a longer battery life.

IPad Pro is ideal for shooting, editing and sharing high-quality photos and videos. It has the same front and rear cameras as the iPhone 7, such as a 12-megapixel camera with optical stabilization and a 7-megapixel HD camera. The device also has 4 speakers that give you a strong, clear stereo sound in any setting. The device has an Apple SIM2 chip and supports the Wi-Fi standard sc802.11, an upgraded LTE 3 network to allow you to connect from anywhere in the world.
Touch ID has been developed to be more responsive to previous models to unlock more securely, approve purchases from the App Store or iTunes Store, as well as easy to shop and pay for services in apps or websites using Apple Pay.

Benefits of iOS 11 on iPad: Learn about all the features of iOS 11 from here

Smart Keyboard and Apple TV Pen

Both the smart keyboard and the Apple stylus pen are available for purchase separately and provide better resolution levels for the device. The sensors in the Apple stylus gauge measure the resolution and tilt level of drawing and writing in a smoother way.

The smart, fully designed keyboard is designed specifically for the iPad 10.5-inch, it’s a thin, sturdy keyboard that does not have to be shipped, it’s easy to fold into a folder to protect the device, and it can be easily connected via Bluetooth.

The price and availability of the new iPad Pro

  • The iPad 10.5 comes in several colors: silver, glossy gray, gold and glossy pink; it will start from AED 2499 for the 64GB WiFi model, and AED 2999 for the Wi-Fi model with the 64-gigabit network.
  • The new iPad models are available today on Apple’s website and will start shipping next week. Both models will be available at Apple’s Apple Store and some Apple Authorized Distributors and carriers starting next week in the United States and 37 countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It will be available in India, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries later this month.
  • The Apple Smartphone keyboard will be sold for AED 399; the Smart Keyboard for the iPad 10.5-inch thick is available for 599 AED and the iPad 9.9-inch for AED 649 with support for more than 30 languages ​​including French, Japanese and Spanish.
    The leather case will be available for a 12.9-inch multi-color iPad Pro for AED 529 and AED 599 for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
  • The Apple stylus case is available in several colors for AED 119 and the Smart Cover is made of leather for AED 299 for the iPad 10.5, 349 for the iPad 12.9, polyurethane for 199 AED for the iPad 10.5 and 249 AED for iPad 12.9 In Apple Stores.

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