Google launches version 59 of Chrome browser updates in the interfaces

Google launched version 59 of the Google Chrome browser, for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. To arrive for Android and iOS systems later.

The settings section has completely new interfaces based on the concept of Material used in Android, which Google has already used in the manager of favorite sites within Chrome also.

Options now appear in sections to make it easier to read and get to the desired. A bar is also available to search on top as another way of getting in, with a side menu as well.

Users of Chrome 59 on Mac OS will receive alerts in a new way. Google has adopted the default alerts system within the system instead of its own system, which was different in terms of design with MAC OS alerts. The company also provided a guide for developers to use new rather than old alerts for better performance.

The new version supports animations with the APNG suffix, a new version that supports transparent layer animation, after the animation was limited to a GIF suffix.



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