Microsoft is preparing a version of Windows 10 Professional Workstation edition

Leaked information about a special version of Windows 10 brought by Microsoft for businesses and professionals who deal with a huge amount of large files. The new version is currently known as the Workstation edition Workstation version and here’s what distinguishes it from regular Windows 10 versions.

This version contains the Workstation mode so that the system is modified to give greater performance to processing files and graphics, thus making maximum use of the processor and graphics card compared to normal mode.

The new file system, ReFS, the next development of NTFS, will also be activated. This new system has the ability to handle larger file sizes and automatic correction.

When we talk about workstation computers, we mean corporate computers, not those used in your home. The new Windows version will contain the SMBDirect protocol for sharing large files within the company’s network with minimal delay and less processing capacity.

Workstation Windows will support devices with up to 4 processors and up to 6TB of storage capacity, compared to the current Windows 10 Pro operating system that supports dual-core computers.

The name of Windows 10 Workstation edition is still not final and there are certainly many other features that Microsoft will develop and add to it before launching it, which is not yet available on its timing.

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows called Windows 10 S that will compete with the Chrome system so that it is lighter and cheaper to manufacture competing laptops and can only run programs directly downloaded from the App Store.

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