Apple deletes legacy applications written for iPhone 5 and earlier in Store Search results

Apple has stopped showing older applications written for 32-bit handsets into search results in the App Store, according to TouchArcade.

Since the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple has been using 64-bit processors, an architecture that delivers better performance overall, with larger memories as well. It also increases the strength of file encryption.

Looking for legacy apps that have not been updated to support new architecture will never appear in search results. But access is still possible if you have a direct link to the app.

A few years ago, Apple began to reject any application that does not support 64-bit architecture. Then I started sending alerts to older application developers asking them to update them or deleting them, and later deleting a large group of them from the store because their developers did not respond.

After the launch of iOS 10, users monitored alert messages telling them to stay away from applications that do not support 64-bit architecture. IOS 10.3 explicitly states that they will not be supported in upcoming iOS releases.

As iOS 11 approaches, Apple confirms that the new system will never support legacy applications, and users will never be able to install or use them.

Just before the start of the WWDC 17 developer conference, a new application appeared in the store called Files, an app from Apple’s iOS file management system.


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