Apple Announces New iOS 11 System With New Features

Tim Cook has officially announced iOS 11 at the WWDC2017, the new iOS update that will improve the core technology that will run the system and offer a number of new features.

One of the new features of the system is the feature of synchronizing messages through iOS and MacOS. If you delete a message from your iPhone and iPad, it will also be deleted from your Mac.

Apple Pay will expand to include per-person payments, enabling Apple to control Venmo’s portfolio and the Square Cash electronic portfolio. The iOS 11 payment system will offer Apple Pay Cash Card, where users will be able to store their money from peer to peer transactions and can transfer the funds to a personal bank account.

The iOS 10 system was unveiled at the Apple conference last year, which focused on major messaging updates and introduced a new format for the application of fiasco, photos, Apple’s music service and news application.

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