Sony is creating a digital camera with a full frame for film professionals

Large sensors can be ideal for shooting in low light conditions and simple backgrounds. However, professional filmmakers have always had to use Super 35mm sizes or smaller sizes, even when using the highest level of accuracy in 8K cameras, but Sony is working on The development of the all-new CineAlta camera with a 36 x 24mm sensor, the first full-frame sensor in a high-quality digital camera, has not yet revealed the camera’s capabilities.

At first, the CineAlta camera has an “aspect ratio-agnostic”, where you can shoot 4K RAW images in different proportions, including 4: 3, 17: 9 or other relatively unfamiliar video ratios. Sony also claims that film directors will not have to Disables their production to convert to the full frame.

The camera will arrive in early 2018 and is likely to be expensive compared to other high-quality cameras, and the camera can prove its efficiency in night scenes and close-ups.



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