Signs of a new 15-inch MacBook Pro at the WWDC Developers Conference

Apple began delaying shipments of 15-inch MacBook Pro applications in its various electronic stores around the world, including America, various countries in Europe, and a group of countries in East Asia.

When you try to order computers now, the delivery date will appear after about a week, which means that a new computer update may be launched at the Developers Conference that begins on June 5.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch charging time remains the same, delivery takes about 24 hours. This may indicate that Apple does not intend to update this size in the current period.

The change in shipping dates can not always be treated as a factor in the presence of new computers in Apple’s casing. But many rumors said the company wanted to launch a MacBook Pro with 32 GB of random access memory. Apple used to pull some hardware out of its store to launch a new update.

The company has already taken advantage of the developers ‘conference to unveil new devices. It unveiled the MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Retina screen at the developers’ conference, returning and launching the 13-inch MacBook Pro on the same screen in October.

Bloomberg said a few weeks ago that Apple may unveil three new computers at the WWDC Developers Conference, based on comments from sources inside the company that declined to be identified.



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