Siri Siri will support a new segment of applications

Reports  from Reuters that Siri will support a large segment of applications that will be unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 17 conference, which will begin on Monday, June 5, Reuters reported.

According to the report, the move will be an essential part of the iOS 11 system. The PDA now supports applications such as messaging, taxi, e-payment, or even VoIP. But Apple wants to expand further away from those ratings as well.

According to Reuters, in preparation for the launch of a new home assistant to compete with Alexa of Amazon, Vesser reached the market before everyone else, but its support for external applications is little, and this is why adding support for new classifications would help promote the new home helper if it is already in the quiver Company.

Even if Apple does not launch a new home helper, Siri’s support for more applications has become very necessary with a very large slice of digital assistance like Google’s Google Assistant, Bixby from Samsung and finally Alexa from Amazon.

Bloomberg said a few days ago that Apple’s home help, now known as Siri Speaker, had entered production and would be unveiled at the WWDC 2017 Developers Conference a few days later.

The preparations for the developers conference began officially as Apple raised the conference banners, which is the same design as invitations sent to all users and developers. According to the images received, the building and from all sides took the same design.


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