Hostile videos in YouTube will not get revenue from advertising

Google has updated its terms of use on YouTube and its AdSens service, asserting that hostile content will not receive revenue from advertising.

YouTube’s problems with some companies began in March 2017, when some major companies and government agencies in the UK withdrew and stopped advertising on YouTube as a result of appearing in hostile or hate-related sections. This in turn prompted Google to have long sessions with those companies, and others, to define new terms of use to satisfy all parties.

According to the new terms of use, the company will not show ads on any section with content that is ethically inappropriate or violent. Even if the ads appear, the owner of the clip will not receive any material proceeds from his presentation.

The company said acceptance of the videos in the network would remain the same. However, ad delivery is the only one that will differ and will be in accordance with the new terms of use.



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