Apple uses users to improve the quality of Apple Maps for money

Apple has started to adopt a new program a few months ago to give users money for the evaluation of some areas and some geographical locations, under the site of iGeneration.

The company relies on the TryRating evaluation platform in this program, giving $ 0.54 for a single task, which does not usually require more than a few minutes.

Any user can subscribe to the program and perform 600 tasks, with a working period of up to 20 hours per week. Thus contracting with users as freelancers.

The company’s current recruitment mechanism is not known, but the process is carried out by a specialized third party.

As a simple example of tasks, the user may be asked to confirm that a restaurant is located in a specific geographic area to ensure that the data inside the Apple databases is correct. The company also assigns the task to more than one person at the same time to verify the accuracy and quality of the data.

Apple asks shareholders to read a 200-page manual. As I mentioned in one item, relying on Google’s Street View service might help users accurately identify addresses.

Apple began using pickup trucks in some new areas of the United States to collect imagery and road data for use in Apple Maps.


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