3D images of Apple’s new Apple Park site within Apple Maps

Apple has updated the Apple Maps application to add 3D imagery to Apple’s new headquarters, which is supposed to begin to accommodate a group of employees in simple transition.

The pictures show the main parts of the building along the main circular building, which is surrounded by a lake of water. The Steve Jobs Conference Hall is also located next to the headquarters, with parking and a host of other buildings.

The new images dive into the details of the headquarters, where you can see the internal roads, as well as panels of solar energy, and wings that move to ward off the strong sunlight from the headquarters, allowing natural light to enter.

Prior to Google’s time, Google updated Maps and added satellite imagery. But they are old images and need to be updated to keep up with the construction that is nearing completion.

Apple has not set an official date for the completion of construction. But Tim Cook confirmed that the transitions had begun since April in conjunction with the continuation of external cladding. But is expected to take part in the new WWDC Developers Conference.

Wired has offered an exclusive look inside Apple’s new headquarters by publishing photos from the in-house offices and conference rooms. Matthew Roberts also published a video illustrating the evolution of construction at Headquarters over the course of a year.

Duncan Sinfield also posted a new video of Apple’s headquarters during the sunset, a video shot with a drone.


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