Wacom is preparing to launch new cams to be the best for Windows 10 and iOS devices

Wacom yesterday announced the launch of two pens, one supports Windows 10 devices and the other supports iOS devices.

Bamboo Ink is the name of the pen for Windows 10 devices. The pen is designed for writing; it comes with three different years of flexible, medium, and fixed age, so the user can choose the most suitable for it. The company also stated that this pen works with a large number Of Windows devices.

It is expected that there will be a lot of customers who know about the new pen, because Microsoft announced earlier this month that it would like to expand users’ interaction with the pen so that they can interact with the Edge browser, navigate between different windows, Writing boxes, page scrolling, text selection, and more.

Wacom has announced the second stylus called Bamboo Sketch, which will be dedicated to devices running iOS to allow the user to write and draw on the iPhone and iPads, so that this pen is associated with Bluetooth and works by recognizing the sensitivity of the pressure, and distinctive that it works even on iPads that Do not support the use of Apple Pencil pens. This pen can be charged through a dedicated magnetic connector as well as via a USB cable, and it should last up to 15 hours.

The new pens cost $ 79.95 per pen and will be available through Wacom, Best Buy and a number of other retailers starting in June.




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