Logitech launches new and upgraded MX Master 2S mouse

Logitech has launched a new mouse called MX Master 2S that will help you accomplish your tasks quickly.

Fara MX Master come 2S buttoned many wheels to help you reduce the effort and is designed superbly, similar to Fara MX Master original which can operate on three computers at the same time, but the mouse 2S can move from one computer to another and return to the first device again, without the need for repeated pressure on the buttons.

This mouse is the first to use the Flow driver, which will eliminate the need to switch the mouse to run on another computer, all you have to do is connect the mouse to the computers you use either via Bluetooth or USB, and then run the program Flow, But computers must be on the same wireless network, and if you want to move to another computer you have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen and control the program Flow and will move to the other computer easily, and works on this program on Windows and Mac, you can also Copy and paste documents, text, images, and more Of the files between the computers, and although the design is not different from the Master MX mouse, but the mouse 2S was developed, where the number of movements and the speed of the index to 4000 DPI, and increase the life of the battery to work for 70 hours.

The 2S is supposed to be available in June, and its price in the US is about $ 135.



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