Adobe launches its new Adobe Scan application to scan documents and save them zipper

On the Google Play Store there is no shortage of document scanning applications, and although there are dozens of them that come in particular with these tools, some major applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Lens allow users to scan documents.

In contrast, if you are dissatisfied with these applications, you can try the new Adobe Scan application, which is important and useful at the same time if you are an Adobe Cloud Cloud client. Just like other scanning applications, this application uses the background camera to recognize text, Smart for accurate identification, after capture and processing you can take advantage of some tools in the adjustment process.

If you want to edit the text before you save the scanned image, in turn the application supports automatic saving of everything scanned in the Adobe Document Cloud so if you use Adobe services regularly, the application will have a large addition, finally the application is currently available on the Play Store And you can download it free and full by moving to its page from here, to support the version of Android 5.0 and later.



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