Samsung replaces the Knox protection feature with a secure folder

Three years ago, Samsung released its security solution known as Knox to separate personal files and user data from work. For example, today is the time to retire by offering a better technology called a safe folder.

With knox, data and files that are placed in the application are encrypted so that only the authorized user can view them. What was happening in practice was that a virtual environment was built inside Android to handle the files so that it had interfaces, a main screen, a separate widget and applications.

This method was highly dependent on the phone, but the safe folder gives more efficiency and will work on any device Android Nougat system or higher. Samsung will rely entirely on the secure folder to protect your files on its future phones.

Samsung has warned that the Knox service will be shut down this year so that the service will no longer work on the phone. Users who want to create a protected storage space where they put files they do not want others to see will be advised to create a secure folder, which is available on the Samsung App Store.

Of course, if you have files within a knox, you can easily move them to a safe folder that depends on the same platform but adds another layer of protection. To transfer your files you must first backup them in the knox settings and then restore the backup of the settings of the safe folder, and you will definitely need a Samsung account to complete the process.




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