Google will block annoying ads in Chrome starting next year

Block ads coming to Chrome without additions next year, but not all ads but bad ones that violate the company’s standards such as annoying.

Google has begun sending an implicit warning to website owners and publishers to review ads they place on their sites to remove the abuse before Chrome starts blocking them automatically next year.

Whether it’s pop-up ads that pop up or require a certain time before content is displayed, full-screen controls, or video ads that run automatically with audio playback, all these ads will be directly blocked by Chrome and the browser will only show “good ads.”

In fact, Google is called blocking ads by filtering because it is not a complete block but only passing the appropriate ads and blocking those that violate the criteria, and this applies to smartphones and the web as well.

If you are a site owner, now in Google Webmaster Tools there is an Ad Experience Report tool that you can use to see if your site contains ads that will be blocked in Chrome browser and are not acceptable.

With this select filter, Google tries to keep the stick from the middle, keeping most of its revenue coming from the ads, while giving site owners advertising revenue to ensure their continuity. Even the user will continue to show accepted ads only without the bad ones that annoy and slow browsing.






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