Google raises the level of protection in Gmail within corporate email

Google has announced a new set of tools that seek to raise the level of protection in Gmail, Gmail specifically in the package G Suite for business and corporate.

Google has added new layers of protection; the first relies on machine learning algorithms to prevent phishing and phishing attacks on the user, the company reported that 50% to 70% of the incoming messages are fraudulent messages, but 99.9% success thanks to those algorithms to protect users.

According to the new model, Google will delay the messages for up to 0.05% of the time required to access the message, a time used to check the messages and make sure they are intact and contain no links or malicious content. The company also integrated these new tools with safe browsing tools, to eliminate any malicious link.

The second tool is to alert the employee before sending a message to a postal address outside the company. When a new person or destination is reached, the user is alerted to correct the situation. The reference to mail as external will protect the rest of the staff from falling into the trap of sending a message to third parties outside the companies.

Google said that thanks to the new tools, it would be able to block millions of malicious messages now, without ignoring the role of previously available tools that ensure the integrity of the content and metadata of each outgoing or incoming message.


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