Nintendo Evolution the new Pokemon Game Pokeland

After the great success of Pokemon Joe, Nintendo wants to build on it by launching a new game called Pokeland, a combination of Pokemon Joe and Pokemon Rumble.

They are also Pokemon games where you can collect Pokemon and train them and even duel with other players. The game requires an Internet connection to play as well as a Nintendo account and will be available on Android and iPhone.

Nintendo is currently launching its first alpha version of the game, providing only 10,000 players, six islands, 52 different stages, 15 levels, 134 Pokemon or an object to collect.

Pokemon Joe has achieved rapid growth in revenues, with the fastest game of $ 600 million, with revenues exceeding $ 1 billion for the Japanese company, although it is not available in large markets such as China. The game has the latest games with more than 65 million active players.

It is still too early to talk about the launch date of the official final version of Pokeland but it is definitely coming.




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