ASUS ROG Zephyrus offers the thinnest gaming notebook with a GTX 1080 card

Asus introduced the Zephyrus laptop, a powerful notebook computer with a slim 16.9mm chassis when shut down, making it the thinnest notebook in the world, thinner than the 22.5mm Blade Pro.

Asus seems to have benefited from the Infidia’s Max-Q design today, which reduces the size of high-end gaming computers. NVIDIA has promised to help notebook makers build advanced internal hardware such as the GTX 1080 unit to handle graphics without additional size. The company also promised that the first three generations of computers with Max-Q design will be 3 times faster than their predecessors and 3 times thinner.

This reduction in size is due to thermal design, which opens a side port at the bottom to expel the heat when opening the device to ensure that the device does not burn during operation.

Zephyrus will come with a processor of the seventh generation Core i7 7700HQ with random memory 24 GB 4W cell battery 50Wh and 15.6-inch screen G-Sync, and will come with the Windows Update 10 developer version, which will benefit from the development of Windows games and Beam broadcast service. In addition, the device has a trackpad to the right of the keyboard to make it easier for players to use. It also acts as a digital tracking pad when you want to write large numbers. You can also customize keyboard lighting to turn on lighting only on WASD or QWER buttons to help you play at night.

Asus ROG has made it clear that its computers are not only for high-budget players. Users have different needs. For example, online multiplayer players will not need a screen as quickly as gamers need from a person’s perspective. Which made the company reveal Strix computers designed specifically to meet the needs of these players.

The SCAR version of the Strix is ​​designed to provide gamers from a personal perspective a vital competitive advantage, featuring Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 graphics processor and ultra-fast screen.

The Hero version of the Strix is ​​designed for online multiplayer players who prefer to play e-sports, with Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 graphics processor and 120Hz widescreen display with rich color resolution.




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