The European Union launches a free wireless Internet access point initiative for the public

“Every European village and city will have wireless internet access” This is the overall goal that the EU is seeking to achieve by 2020 as part of an initiative to deploy free wireless Internet access points in the streets and public squares of all ITU countries.

The WiFi4EU initiative aims to achieve its goal by setting Internet access points in public places such as parks, squares, public buildings, hospitals, museums, libraries and others.

The EU initiative will cost 120 million euros to buy equipment and services to create between 6-8,000 wireless Internet access points.

The Union seeks to provide both tourists and residents with Internet access to boost economic opportunities in the country. The move comes three months after the end of roaming between the EU countries, as telecom companies will gradually reduce the additional financial fees it charges subscribers when calling and sending SMS messages from other EU countries.

The EU is working on what they call the single digital market, a strategy that seeks to make Europe connected and online so that anyone can have access to high-quality Internet. In particular, the benefits of this strategy are shown in regions and cities with problems with availability or speed of communication.




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