Path Guide application from Microsoft for creating road paths

If you want to create a track for a place that is not available on Google Maps, such as a path inside the cave, garage, shops inside the mall, etc. This is through the application of the new Path Guide and by the way the application of Microsoft development is currently only available on Android, Maybe we’ll see it later on iOS.

With regard to the idea of ​​application, it is visible in the address where it is possible to create any road path, without the need for a map, depending on the smart phone sensors in addition to walking patterns, where through these two things can be created any pathway, and of course then you can keep In this way to share with whom you love, and this is of course an important way for some people, specifically owners of shops and companies.

Another feature you can write on the artificial path and add pictures and even add voice recording and other features that you will discover yourself, finally Path Guide is available free and complete from the Google Play Store, and you can download it here, to support the version of Android 5.0 and later.


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