Judy Adware malicious software infect tens of millions of Android phones

WannaCry software, which has infected Windows computers and especially Windows 7, has barely stopped. Check Point has discovered malicious software called Judy that affects tens of millions of phones and Android devices.

Although malicious adware is relatively harmless compared to ransom software that encrypts files and requests payment, it remains annoying by clicking on ads and opening them without desire and intent.

The company estimates that Judy software infected between 8.5 to 36.5 million users through its deployment among 41 applications available on the Google Play Store developed by a Korean company carrying the word Judy and other applications from independent developers who used the same code code infected with Judy software.

The hackers used a special way to overcome the protection of the Google Play Store from malware by creating a sound application that acts as a bridge to connect the user’s device to a server that downloaded an application infected with the software and spread in the device and then contact the pirate server remotely.

Ad malware specifically targets illegal clicks on ads and therefore profits.

Google has removed malware-infected applications but has been downloaded several million times and has reached 18.5 million times in some applications and evaluated several thousand times.

Kiniwini is the developer of malware and its applications are published under the name of developer ENISTUDIO corp. Although it also develops applications for iPhone, the impact of this malicious adware program includes only the Android system.




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