Google announces retirement of the AlphaGO system after its dominance and defeat of the world champion

DeepMind, which operates under the umbrella of Google, announced that its system of artificial intelligence AlphaGo has been officially retired after it succeeded in dominating the world in Go Go.

Go is one of the most complex strategic games in the world, and it is more complicated than chess.

The company said in its statement that the purpose of the system was to compete in one of the most complex games. Now that the world champion has been defeated three times in a row, it is time to refer the system to retirement and focus on a new system that may help scientists cure diseases and eliminate some intractable things.

The Alpha Gu defeated Chinese world champion Ke Jie to seal his career in this field after years of absolute control that transferred artificial intelligence to another level.

Google acquired DeepMind for nearly $ 500 million in 2014. It has succeeded with its artificial intelligence algorithms to defeat a team of five from the same game.


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