Apple’s co-founder: Apple and large companies are not able to innovate

Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, met with Bloomberg to discuss the current and future technical hype and the companies that are already capable of innovating.

Wozniak said that Tesla is one of the best companies in the world at the moment thanks to the amount of innovation that has taken place in it, and because it reflects the vision of one person. Wozniak said that big companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft will not be able to create the next technical cry because they are companies that run a big business now. And decision-making is passed through layers and protocols capable of killing any project at risk.

Wozniak has suggested startups to innovate technologies because of the high risk of their founders. They are putting all their efforts into turning big ideas into real products.

Artificial intelligence applications – from Wozniak’s point of view – and self-driving systems are the current technical scars that will have a very large future.




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