A photo tour inside the latest Apple stores in Singapore

A few days ago, Apple announced the opening of its first Singapore store, Apple Orchard Road, which was shown to the public under press coverage. Among the features Apple has overlooked in this store is the glass tray, which was a traditional design element associated with Apple’s retail stores, and was replaced by a stone staircase.

This design was first seen at Nanjing’s China store and appears to be coming to the 5th Avenue store in New York as well.

CNET also drew attention to the wall of the stairs, which came in the shape of a hole carved in the wall in the form of a spiral curve along the stairs.

This store also has a meeting room for special meetings. Some other stores have such a hall, to be used for meetings with clients, business people and sometimes individuals, which are out of sight. When Apple’s watch was launched, it was used to test the gold version of Apple’s watch.

The board includes panels from the Apple Park headquarters.

It is noteworthy that Apple placed a large mural before opening the store in May last year, carrying the message “Apple loves Singapore.” A series of small banners have also been put on the front page, referring to artists or specialists who will have a role in the store via Today at Apple.

After announcing the opening date, Apple removed the barricades from the facade, and the interior interior was unveiled for the first time. Earlier this week, members of the press were allowed to visit the store and take pictures inside.

The store is the latest move by the company to avoid further establishment of traditional retail outlets whose sole purpose is to sell products. Apple is seeking through its stores to encourage customers and inspire them with products through today’s Apple offerings.

In the end, Angela Ehrends, Apple’s first vice president of retail management, hopes to make Apple’s headquarters a social hub for people like Starbucks. “As you know Starbucks is very popular among people, it’s a gathering place, where people meet me at Starbucks, and here we want to make Apple’s stores a hot spot to bring people together and turn the familiar word into Apple’s”


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