Now Oculus Rift glasses support the best advantages of HTC Vive

The Oculus Rift glasses have supported the room-scale VR feature since the launch of touch sensor controllers last December, but the purchase of an additional sensor did not guarantee high-quality 3D tracking. The company noted early adopters that this feature is experimental, which means that it can contain the disadvantages that we might expect from a job in progress.

But now it seems that the company has decided that the room-scale VR feature is good enough in the latest system updates, and this feature can be a pilot feature to be a key feature of the Rift glasses.

The HTC Vive glasses have supported VR across the room from the start, and Oculus has been trying to catch up with them for some time. In the experimental stages, this feature was not easy to use on the Oculus Rift glasses. The company had to issue a set of publications to advise users on compatibility issues with old USB standards as well as a number of other details. Although these details may be useful so far, the notes accompanying the 1.15 update show that tracking has been supported with three sensors now, meaning there should be no problems when this feature is turned on.




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