Loewe launches the Bild 7.77 TV screen with great features

Just a few days ago, Loewe announced its launch of the new Bild 7.77 TV, a 77-inch OLED screen, the largest Bild 7 TV screen.

The new Bild 7.77 features a simple iconic design, with a gray-gray facade and a gray-colored back, and everyone acknowledges that the design of this TV is an elegant addition to your home.

Although the cost of the screen is very large, it will come at $ 16638 but you will already get a state-of-the-art TV screen. You will get an Ultra HD OLED display that can be compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and many more.

Loewe is always working on the best image processing technology to ensure the best viewing results, and in its new screen using 120 Watts speakers located at the bottom of the screen, and supports screens 5.1 surround sound technology, and can connect directly to external speakers without The need for a future AV receiver, the company also noted that the Klang 5 amplifiers are the perfect choice to provide a distinctive listening experience.

The new Bild 7.77 TV can be viewed from any angle because it comes with a motorized base so that the viewer can move the screen in the direction desired by the remote control. As for the communication technology of the screen, it supports four HDMI ports, three USB ports as well as Bluetooth technology to enable the viewer to use Bluetooth headsets, and the screen contains a digital recorder with 1 TB storage space.




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