ARM’s new ARM phone processors are specifically designed for industrial intelligence technologies

When ARM participated in the Computex conference last year, it came with a range of smart phone processors that have improved the virtual reality experience in mobile phones. As we have noted, artificial intelligence technology is one of the big new trends this year. New phone processors specifically designed to support artificial intelligence technologies.

The first is the Cortex-A75 processor, which the company says can deliver high-performance performance equivalent to a laptop without burning any extra power. ARM promised to increase performance by 50 percent compared to the old A73, which should be very good For automated learning processes that work on your devices.

At the same time, the A55 processor is less interesting than its predecessor, although it is said to be 2.5 times more energy efficient than the current A53 processor, a remarkable feature of the mid-range processor. Both processors use the new DynamiQ foundation, Updated to allow more flexible use.

There is also the new graphics processor Mali-G72, which is an update to the G71 graphics processor released last year. The G72 graphics processor is more important for artificial intelligence applications. It is not only more energy efficient than the G71. ARM says it is 17% In the automated learning processes of the processor that replaces it, obviously this is great news for device makers looking to include more artificial intelligence technology in their devices. The only real downside is that we will have to wait until 2018 before we start to see these Processors in devices can be purchased.




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