Apple Releases New Video Editing Software for iMovie Final Cut Pro

Apple has released new updates to its video editing software on MacOS, iMovie and Final Cut Pro, to address some problems and update some internal components to improve performance.

IMovie version 10.1.6 came to address problems that prevented the program from working optimally when importing a library that was exported from an older version of the program. It also solved a problem that would automatically reduce volume after applying kinetic effects to clips.

At the same time, Final Cut Pro 10.3.4 also came to address some problems, as the program stopped working sometimes when using keyboard shortcuts. In addition to addressing a problem that would lead to improperly inserting sound. Problems with the Tramiz when exporting the sound were there to be dealt with by the whole new version.

Apple introduced iMovie for free for iOS and macOS users after the version was available for about $ 4.99. While the final version of Final Cut Pro for MacOS is up to $ 299. But students can get it for $ 199.

During the National Association of Broadcasters, Apple said that Final Cut Pro’s video production and editing user base exceeded 2 million users nearly five years after the release of Apple’s tenth release.


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