Apple launches free syllabus to teach application programming using SWIFT

Apple has launched a new curriculum aimed primarily at academic institutions to teach students how to use Swift, a free approach available to all.

You can go to the iBooks store and search for App Development with Swift, where both students and professors can benefit from it. Apple has made sure to provide teachers with an instructional guide.

The company said that six academies in America will begin to adopt this approach and teach it, a course that can be considered as a continuation of the previous approach “Intro to App Development with Swift“. Apple also aspires to cooperate with more in the coming period due to the importance of programming in our time.

In the new curriculum, Apple relies on teaching students the differences between data types in programming and the mechanism of dealing with variables and constants. The student creates an application to turn on and off the flash light by touching the screen only; the in-flash flash is meant to change the background color of the screen to become brighter.

Students need to complete some assignments and write assignments during the curriculum as if they were a student even if they were not enrolled in an academic institution.

Tim Cook said that the impact of programming and applications on the US economy was very clear during the previous years. The financial income and jobs that were made available were very large, not forgetting that they are the most sought after jobs now. He added that educational institutions have a great role in helping students achieve their dreams, so through this course, Apple hopes to have a contribution as well.

Apple has officially launched its “Today at Apple” program, where it holds various workshops in its stores around the world, workshops that address programming instruction for young and old.


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