A new panoramic camera, a sports watch and a Huawei Bluetooth headset

Huawei recently unveiled several new devices, including the Enjoy 7 Plus phone, as well as a new version of Honor’s 6A brand, and two days ago unveiled both nova 2 and nova 2 Plus. Huawei has not announced smartphones It just advertised for a new tablet and some laptops too.

We can now add three new accessories to that list of new Huawei products. The first is a new panoramic camera that has a pair of sensors on each side with a resolution of 13 megapixels and is capable of capturing panoramic images and 360-degree videos. The odd thing about this small camera is the port USB-C on one side, where it can be connected directly to smart phones, the Huawei panoramic camera will cost about $ 130 and will start selling from June 30.

The other production line will be Huawei Sports Band, which is similar to its subsidiary’s Honor Band A2, but despite the obvious similarities, both appear to be different. Huawei’s sports bracelets come with a GPS tracking system Exercise accurately, also can be worn in water at a depth of up to 50 meters, can be used for swimming tracking, in addition to a large number of ground activities.

The bracelet is also equipped with heart rate monitoring. Huawei claims that its new 80% efficient sports bracelet can work continuously for up to 21 days without charging. The traditional bracelet will cost about $ 44, but if you want GPS it will cost about $ 57. Purchase Orders on 14 July.

There will also be a new Bluetooth headset from Huawei, but information about it is still unavailable, but we know it will come with a heart rate scale, but the price and availability are still unknown.




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