Apple develops a chip to activate artificial intelligence in the iPhone

Apple began its career with artificial intelligence in the field of software such as the assistant Siri, but now intends to enter the field of hardware through a special processing chip intends to add to the iPhone to perform certain tasks to help improve the protagonist.

The treatment chip inside Apple is known as Apple’s Neural Drive, whose mission is to improve Apple’s handling of the various tasks that typically require human intelligence. These functions range from recognition to voice, image and enhanced reality, for example.

US technology companies compete in the field of artificial intelligence and add to their services. Perhaps the most prominent are Amazon and Google, which started using these technologies in their home voice assistance such as Echo and Hom, but Apple wants to get advanced advantages thanks to the artificial intelligence chip in iPhone.

This means that Apple will make the AI ​​chip address complex tasks that require special algorithms and technologies such as face recognition, voice and computer vision instead of making it pass through the main processor and thus allowing it greater scope for better handling of normal tasks such as communications, applications, games, etc.

It is still not certain whether Apple will add this chip to the iPhone 8, which will be launched after just four months, but has begun testing the chip in future models of iPhone.

We are aware that there is a special chip to handle the motion sensor in various devices for the iPhone or the clock, as well as a special chip in the AirPods wireless headphones, so it is normal to offer a special chip to deal with difficult tasks so as not to suffocate Slow down the main processor.

Apple is a member of the Industrial Intelligence Partnership, a research group founded by several technology companies in the Silicon Valley to investigate the ethical impact of self-driving, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Apple’s interest in artificial intelligence is large and serious, as it has spent considerable money to acquire 7 companies specializing in this field so far.




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