Spark announced there new unmanned aircraft from the DJI operated by hand movement

Dji unveiled its new unmanned aircraft, dubbed Spark, a 12 megapixel camera with video capability of up to 1080p resolution.

The new aircraft features a very light weight and a small size slightly larger than the palm of the hand. But what distinguishes Spark is the sensors you operate in, which make it easy to use by hand movement with the ability to control and take pictures as well.

The camera can identify the face of the user after placing it on the palm of the hand, start to take off automatically and vertical height, without having to do this through the control knob. The waving of both hands will push her back and landing on the palm of the hand, also automatically.

Besides hand movement, the aircraft can be controlled by a special handle or by connecting the smartphone or tablet computer, so you can see what you are shooting right away. It also has a battery that makes it capable of shooting and flying for about 16 minutes.

Dji has defined some shooting modes within the system, so you can choose a portrait mode, a circular, or a position that tracks the user and his hand movement, as well as the mathematical situation as well. The video can also be shared directly after it’s captured by the camera application on smartphones.

Spark is available for about US $ 500 and in five colors are white, green, red, yellow and blue, available for ordering from the official company website.


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