New Image Leaked to iPhone 8

Recently, some images were leaked to the iPhone 8, which has not yet been launched, and the images have revealed the expected design of the device; the design was contrary to some expectations, as the pictures show that Apple has placed fingerprint scanner at the back of the device next to the camera, Apple was expected to come in new, because this design will already be adopted by Samsung in its new Galaxy S8.

The picture showed different colors of the device, which includes a dual camera and front screen full edge to the edge, in addition to a fingerprint scanner at the back of the device topped by the logo Apple.

Some hope that the pictures are not true, because they want Apple to produce a distinctive new design, although others see that the design does not have a lot of flaws on Samsung phones, where fingerprint scanner is located directly behind the back camera making users press through Error on the camera instead of the fingerprint scanner, but Apple has placed it in the middle of the phone away from the camera is difficult to access if the user holds the phone with one hand.

Questions are still on the design of the iPhone 8, the company did not make any statements confirm or deny the credibility of those images, and customers hope that whatever design must be executed elegantly.




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