Dazzle New web browser for iPhone

I do not know how effective it is to replace the default web browser or other web browsers, most notably Chrome and Firefox, on your smartphone and replace it with a new browser, but not a problem with the experience and the new experience. Today with us a new web browser, Dazzle, It is available exclusively on iOS “iPhone only “.

What really distinguishes this browser is its small size, which does not exceed 4 MB, with a very nice and simple interface, as well as all the features expected of any other browser “Favorites Tabs, Save and See Later, History”, and most importantly the application supports customization by customizing Shortcuts to favorite websites or customize the browser interface across a set of themes.

One of its other advantages is its support for the one-handed buffering, where all its tools are accessible via left and right scrolling, finally the Dazzle browser is available free and complete from Apple Store, you can download it from here and it supports iOS 8.0 and later.


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