Samsung responds to the penetration of the iris scanner in the Galaxy S8

Samsung spokesman responded to news we published two days ago about the possibility of penetrating the iris scanner on Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S8.

The spokesman said the breakthrough was “unrealistic”, which meant it was actually possible but very difficult and unrealistic, adding that the company would fix any gaps that might emerge from identity theft.

German pirates have used a camera that can shoot infrared and this type of camera is no longer available for easy buying in the market. Then, they capture a picture of the user’s iris in order to create a fake iris to unlock and steal the phone.

Of course, it is difficult to do all of these steps in everyday life and with the tools available, but if a picture is available to anyone with high accuracy, they can take the image of the iris and thus deceive the phone, according to Dirk Engling, spokesman for the German hacking group CCC.

Engling added that it is safer to use traditional protection methods via PIN code to protect data or even pay compared with the use of an iris identity confirmation.

The hacker group was able to trick the fingerprint sensor into the iPhone 5S just two days after it was available for sale on the market.




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