Malicious attacks exploit throw translation of movies and lead to the penetration of computers and smart devices

CheckPoint an application developer, has published a new blog explaining the breakthrough of computers and smart devices through movie translation files that users always download from the Internet.

According to the entry, the hacker can create malicious code inside the translation file, which exploits security vulnerabilities found in movie programs including VLC, Kodi, Popcorn-time, and The same gap exists in more than 200 million programs available to run movies on smart devices or on computers.

There are no signs of exploiting these loopholes so far, but since the company talked about them, hackers will exploit them, taking advantage of users ignoring the security updates launched by different companies. Most companies have launched security updates to close vulnerabilities except for Kodi, which has not yet launched.

To protect against potential attacks, it is recommended to update video drivers on computers and smart devices. The translation files must be downloaded from 100% reliable sources, which should be prepared by trusted people too, because anyone can now upload a file for translation and cultivate malicious code that leads to full computer control.

It should be noted that the WannaCry attacks, which hit Windows a little while ago, occurred after a security vulnerability was exploited in Windows. A gap Microsoft closed two months before the attacks began.


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