Trending News is a new look within the Facebook application

Facebook has redesigned trending news on its application to smartphones, specifically iOS, where the news will appear new after changing the user experience.

When you press any news item in the popular news list, it will be opened in a preview bar that allows the user to read the same news from second sources, and display a collection of videos under the sources. In the past, the pressure on the news would only open the news, and the user needed to go down the tape to read it from second sources.

In addition to redesigning the usage experience, the company has moved popular news from the search to the app’s home page; when the app opens, the common news section will appear with the option to remove it. Previously, access to the section was only from within the search page.

The new design is available for iPhone users only for the moment, and later to reach Facebook users on Android, and on the computer as well.

Over the past few days, Facebook has launched new Live Live in-app features designed to enhance communication with friends and make the process easier and simpler. The first feature allows instant conversations with friends while watching live broadcasts. The second is Live Live and allows the live broadcaster to invite a friend or follow-up to broadcast.


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