Microsoft launches Surface Pro with new features

Microsoft today launched the new laptop, and it is clear that the new device is similar to its predecessor Surface Pro 4, and explained that the new device will include many upgrades that make it different from other devices.

The new Surface Pro will come with the support of the next generation of Kaby Lake processors. The Core M3 and Core i5 models will come with fanless design, and some new features will be added to Windows 10, making the battery life up to 13.5 hours.

Although Microsoft has made several promises to add a number of improvements to the new device, we are seeing few of them because they are subtle variations. The area surrounding the screen has been reduced, and the edges of the device are curved, making you feel its size.

The new device will include a new detailed design, with the company adopting the Surface Studio, which can move 165 degrees. The company added that this joint has become a non-breaking toughness. The device also supports the Surface Dial extension on the screen to interact with various applications such as Sketchable .

One of the biggest changes is the support of a new Pen Pen, which can be purchased separately at $ 99. These pens will certainly work on the company’s existing devices. The company announced that the pen will have special features, especially in shading settings and the best ink accuracy .

The company also announced that it will use Alcantara tissue in the manufacture of the keyboard and will provide a number of portfolios in different colors and will be sold at a cost of $ 159 Alcantara portfolios will be available at $ 129 , It should be noted that the device does not support the presence of USB-C ports but only supports the presence of USB, mini DisplayPort.

For the first time on the Surface Pro, the company announced that the new device will support LTE technology to support micro SIM cards and Esim This version will be higher than other versions that support different communication technologies.

The new Surface Pro will be available today at $ 799 and you will definitely need to buy the keyboard cover starting at $ 129 and the Surface Pen for $ 99. The equipment will begin charging officially on June 15th in 16 countries around the world.




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