App Store has stopped working for a few hours in a mysterious way

Apple App Store stopped working suddenly a few hours ago and for over an hour without Apple’s notice. At a time when its official position remains intact.

“We have something special in the store” and “Please come back later”, which Apple usually does in conjunction with its conferences when new devices are launched, closes the stores and official website and displays the phrase.

As the application store returns to work, users have not noticed any new changes or features, which makes it a bit murky, especially since the company did not reveal new devices either.

This may be due to periodic maintenance by the company, with no intention of releasing new updates. But a message that something new had come up was what irritated Apple smartphone users.

Speaking of Apple’s stores and its official website, the company launched an advertising campaign focusing on showing some of the advantages that the iPhone has over other phones. They also renewed the site and added a campaign page.

Over the past weekend, Apple has held 4,000 workshops in its 495 stores worldwide and a host of live performances by professional artists, as part of the “Today at Apple” program, a program announced a few weeks ago by Through which shops are transformed into recreational and educational spaces.


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